Most of the visitors who come to Croatia love authentic food and wine experiences, and fortunately, we’ve got pretty few in hand. I’ve been posting some sumptuous foods lately, and with the rise of the gastronomic offer in Zagreb and other cities, it pleases me to see there are plenty of choices and finally Croatia gets its spot on the list of those great gourmet countries!

In my last post, I have tried to briefly give you a short guided tour of the wines of Croatia. Once you land in the new country the first thing that comes to mind is water…is it safe to drink, can you use it freely, and where can you buy it. Well, the good news is that you can freely drink tap water while in Croatia, especially if you are not sensitive to water changes.

Since you’ve picked Croatia for a holiday, you’re in for a great treat. The country is packed with sites full of life – cultural and historical heritage, stunning towns, and plenty of natural wonders. The long and indented coastline boasts more than 1000 islands. The neighboring countries complement Croatia’s untouched nature with variety and proximity of a different kind of treat: emerald green lush and fresh Slovenia, surrounded by the stunning Alps and decorated with attractive lakes, vineyards and towns.