1. Take a look at all the vessels in our fleet and choose the one which will meet your needs and expectations. If you just have a specific time frame in mind, or a specific type of yacht in mind, email us an inquiry.

2. We will carefully consider your questions and will gladly provide you with a list of available vessels with full charter details. We’d love to speak with you over the phone and learn more about your requirements, desires, style, and preferences, as well as your budget. We are available to answer any questions you may well have.

3. >Once you have decided which vessel you would like to charter, we will send you an official Pro-forma invoice, stipulating payment details and conditions

4. 50% of the total amount must be paid upon receipt of the Pro-forma invoice, and not later than 7 days. The remaining amount has to be paid in full no later than 6 weeks before the charter commencement (if not differently stated on the Pro-forma invoice/offer). All bank transfers costs are the obligation of the sender. Payment can be done by credit cards through the secure link we will provide upon your request.

5. Charter agreement and General terms and conditions will be sent upon receipt of the deposit payment. At this stage, we will provide a “preference list” to refine details and any specific wishes you might have regarding leisure activities, food, or beverage.

6. Charter itineraries, if not otherwise stated in the offer, are flexible and are subject to final approval of the Captain/Skipper and weather conditions. We will gladly suggest an itinerary that we think works best, addressing all of the areas that are important to you. At this stage, we’ll focus on details since we want to make sure that you will have a unique and memorable holiday. Our Boutique expertise is to make specific suggestions for shopping, dining, and extra activities.

We will gladly assist you with any requirements you might have regarding shore activities or possible extensions after your charter period, your hotel booking, and transport from and to the airport, etc.

7. A few weeks before collecting the vessel we will send you the link for a “Crew list” which you will need to fill in with: name and surname, date of birth, nationality, personal identification number, or passport number of each crew member (persons who will be onboard). The crew list is the official document which we will give you during your check-in process and you are legally obliged to have it during your charter period.
If you are a skipper, you have to send us a copy of your valid license for the size and tonnage of the boat required by Croatian Maritime Law and the VHF radio certificate. Keep in mind that you are obliged to have original documents (both of them) during your navigation. Upon your arrival in our charter base, you will probably be asked to show your original licenses.

8. It’s time to travel and enjoy Croatia. Can’t wait to welcome you! Finally, we’ll remain stand-by throughout your journey, ensuring there are no hick-ups!

Terms and Coditions for Bareboat Charter

Please read carefully as these Terms and Conditions define our respective rights and obligations. Once you’ve sent us your enquiry, you agree to accept these terms and conditions by default. 

  1. General

The Terms and Conditions defined hereinafter are referred to and applicable for Bareboat charter only, for the vessels offered on the website www.croatiatravelboutique.com, whereas T&T Travel Boutique travel agency / Sole trader for Tourism and business services, Owner Tihana Dolenec, OIB 47538511420, Djordjićeva 5, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA, undertakes the role of the charter company’s subagent (Intermediary Agency), hereinafter referred to as “T&T Travel Boutique”. T&T Travel Boutique acts as an Intermediary Agency between the Charter Company (supplier), hereinafter the “Charter Company (supplier)” or the owner(s) of vessels for charter, featured on the website https://croatiatravelboutique.com,and the client chartering a vessel, hereinafter referred to as “client” and “party leader”.

Therefore, the Charter Company’s (supplier) or the owner(s) of vessels for charter Terms and Conditions will be applicable, as detailed below.

This contract incorporates all the conditions below.

  1. Charter price and terms of payment

Charter price includes accommodation services for guests, the use of the boat with a full fuel tank, and all its equipment. The price does not include the tourist tax per person per day, port and marina berths (except the first and last day of the charter in embarkation base port), the cost of fuel, and other supplies during the rental period.

The client is obligated to pay 50% of the total amount within 7 days after booking confirmation, while the remaining 50% must be paid at least 4 (four) weeks before the beginning of the charter. Payments are made in cash (KN/EUR), by banker’s order, or by credit card. All bank transfer costs are the obligation of the sender. The client may only take over the reserved boat under the condition that all the necessary payments have been properly made.

Payment can be made directly to Charter Company (supplier) and the details will be stipulated in every bareboat charter offer.

  1. Charter Company’s (supplier’s) obligations and responsibilities

T&T Travel Boutique’s supplier (charter company) is obliged to hand over the boat, seaworthy, functional, fully equipped, clean with full fuel and water tanks, legal for charter business, and fully insured.

The Charter Company (supplier) is obliged to hand over the vessel after 5.00 PM on the first day of the charter, and to do the check-in together with the client according to the boat’s checklist. If the Charter Company (supplier) is unable to make the boat available to the client in the place and at the time appointed Charter Company (supplier) will provide a similar or superior boat to the client as a replacement boat.

In case of any technical problem during the journey that was caused by the boat’s imperfection Charter Company (supplier) is obligated to solve the problem within 24 hours starting from the moment of receiving the information from the client. Also, if a client reports any technical problem regardless of the cause, Charter Company (supplier) will do or organize technical intervention on the sea in case of need.

  1. Client’s obligations and responsibilities

The client is obliged to possess a valid license for the size and tonnage of the chosen boat required by Croatian Maritime Law and as well the VHF radio operator certificate and is obliged to show the original licenses at the reception upon arrival (legal obligation). In case that client doesn’t have a valid license, or if the Base Manager determines that the client does not have needed knowledge nor the ability to operate the vessel, the Base Manager has the right to impose a professional skipper for the reason of the safety of the crew and vessel.

The client must fill the Crew List in advance or at least before departure and any change at any time must be reported to the Charter Company (supplier) or the Maritime Officials (harbor captain office).

The client is obliged to operate and use the vessel in the best possible way in the manner of a good captain and a fine guest, checking the oil and the water in the engine daily, taking care of the safety of navigation, preserving the vessel, and the crew. Also, according to the contract, the client is obliged to return the vessel seaworthy and in good functional, visual, and equipped condition, with a full tank of fuel, an empty tank of waste, and at the agreed time.

The client is obliged to sail within Croatian territorial waters, any exception requires special written permission. The client promises not to rent or lend the boat to another person, not to participate in regattas, and not to use the boat for commercial purposes or professional fishing.

  1. Check-In / Check-Out procedure

Check-in/out procedure is a formal act of handing over the boat, it’s not scheduled to be done late, during late sunset, or at night, because of the reason of bad visibility, lack of diver, office working hours, etc.

Check-in time: Saturday FROM 5:00 PM (if not agreed differently)

Respect check-in time as notified in your charter contract to allow proper maintenance and cleaning of the yacht.

During the check-in, the client is obliged to inspect the vessel seriously and report any kind of defects or missing equipment on board. Only these complaints will be taken into consideration. When the client signs the „checklist“ it is considered that he is completely satisfied and informed with the technical and inventory characteristics of the boat and he is accepting the boat as it is.

Check out time: Saturday TILL 9:00 AM (all passengers with their possessions must be out of the boat by that time)

Clients should return the boat to the marina base on Friday afternoon latest 5.00 PM (if not agreed differently).

The boat must be returned to the Charter Company (supplier) in the same condition as was taken over. All loss or damages caused by the client will be charged directly or out from the safety deposit.

If the vessel has been returned after the Saturday’s check-out time at 09:00 h, or to another location, without previous permission or agreement with Charter Company (supplier), the penalty will be charged from the safety deposit in the following ratio:

  • Up to the first three hours of delay – the penalty is a ½ of the daily accommodation price
  • 3 – 5 hours of delay – the penalty is a full day accommodation price
  • More than 5 hours of delay – Charter Company (supplier) must contact the police and SAR, and the penalty depends on caused business damage and associated costs.
  1. Deposit

Depositing a Safety Deposit (by the client) is a standard operating procedure when renting a vessel. It must be deposited in cash or by credit card before the handover of the vessel.

The deposit is to be returned to the client in full amount after his charter period has been completely ended and the client has been canceled, and all of that is explicitly under the condition if the vessel has been returned to the Charter Company (supplier) in good shape, seaworthy and with the same functional, visual and equipped state as once it has been taken over.

The deposit will only be used to cover the costs of the damage caused by the client’s fault in damaging the vessel or its equipment during the charter period, or for the loss of equipment, or the client’s avoidance of contractual obligations (e.g. returned empty fuel tank, blocked toilet, etc.), or if the client has a delay in returning the boat.

If the major vessel damage happens, with a higher cost than the Safety Deposit amount, the damage must be reported within 12 hours by the client to the Harbor Master and the Insurance company and will be solved by the procedural ways (legal obligation).

The deposit cannot be returned on Friday evening if the client plans to spend the night on the boat and leave the boat early the next morning before office hours (before 8:00 AM on Saturday). In this case, the charter will keep the deposit and cancel it in the morning after determining that everything is in order on the boat. In this option, the security deposit must be left on the credit card. If no damage is detected during the checkout, Charter Company (supplier) sends the copy of the destroyed deposit via e-mail to the client, as evidence.

  1. Insurance

Boat insurance covers all maritime risks and includes insurance “toward the third party”.

Major damages or accidents if happens need to be immediately (12 hours) reported to Maritime Officials (Harbor Captain or Police) and the Charter base (legal obligation), otherwise, the subject case will not be admitted by the Insurance company according to the Insurance Policy Regulations. In such a case, the client will be held responsible for the damage and shall be charged and treated accordingly to the law.

Minor damages (up to the amount of safety deposit) when the items or equipment belonging to the boat are damaged or lost due to negligence, the insurance doesn’t cover and costs are to be covered by the Client on the spot.

Complete loss or damage on the outboard engine and dinghy (rib) are not insured.

Charter Company (supplier) shall not be responsible for loss/damage of the skipper’s and crew’s private possessions. 

  1. Cancellation

If the client cancels the charter for any reason after booking confirmation, the client or his agent is free to find another person to take over his rights and obligations. If no replacement person can be found, the Charter Company (supplier) will keep:

            30% of the total amount for cancellation up to 120 days (4 months) before the charter period

      50% of the total amount for cancellation within 60 days (2 months) before the charter period

            100% of the total amount for cancellation within 30 days (1 month) before the charter period

In a case, the client cancels the accommodation service due to force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist acts, sanitary conditions, natural disasters on a larger scale, sudden illness, serious bodily injury, interventions by the competent authorities, or other exceptional and unexpected circumstances), T&T Travel Boutique nor his supplier do not assume responsibility of inability to deliver paid services and the client shall not be entitled to a refund.

  1. Privacy policy

You can read our privacy policy at www.croatiatravelboutique.com.

  1. GDPR policy – General Data Protection Regulation

General terms and conditions of personal data processing you can read at www.croatiatravelboutique.com

  1. Complains

Any eventual complaint of the client shall be taken into account only in the written form and if delivered to the Charter Company (supplier), not later than 14 days after disembarkation of the client. If the client files a complaint at the moment of the check-out, the complaint shall be taken into account only in the written form and if signed by the authorized person of the Charter Company (supplier). The Charter Company (supplier) is obliged to send a reply to every complaint received.

All defects that happen on boats regardless of the cause must be reported immediately to the Charter Company (supplier). If the Charter Company (supplier) repairs the damage within 24 hours, the client has no right to any compensation. Also, there will be no compensation if the problem was caused by the client’s wrong handling or misuse of the boat.

The client is expected to be cooperative and helpful in organizing and executing repairs of defects on the boat in the common interest. Obstruction or lack of cooperation reduces the speed and quality of problem-solving.

Not knowing the sailing area, weather conditions of the area, characteristics of the rented boat, or not having sufficient ability to operate the boat properly, as well as bad weather and unrealistic expectations are not a subject of complaints.

  1. Competence

In the case of disagreement or dispute, a peaceful settlement will be sought. If this is not possible, the competent Court is in Split.



Pažljivo pročitajte jer ovi Uvjeti i odredbe definiraju naša prava i obveze. Nakon što nam pošaljete svoj upit, prihvaćate ove uvjete i odredbe prema zadanim postavkama.

  1. Općenito

U daljnjem tekstu definirani Uvjeti odnose se i vrijede samo za Bareboat charter, za plovila ponuđena na web stranici www.croatiatravelboutique.com, dok T&T Travel Boutique putnička agencija / Obrt za turističke i poslovne usluge, vl. Tihana Dolenec, OIB 47452308511 , Djordjićeva 5, 10000 Zagreb, HRVATSKA, preuzima ulogu subagenta charter tvrtke (posredničke agencije), u daljnjem tekstu “T&T Travel Boutique”. T&T Travel Boutique djeluje kao posrednička agencija između Charter tvrtke (dobavljača), u daljnjem tekstu “Charter tvrtka (dobavljač), ili vlasnika(a) plovila za najam, istaknutih na web stranici https://croatiatravelboutique.com i klijenta koji iznajmljuje plovilo, u daljnjem tekstu „klijent ” i “vođa grupe”.

Stoga će se primjenjivati ​​Uvjeti i odredbe Charter tvrtke (dobavljača) ili vlasnik(i) plovila, kao što je detaljno opisano u nastavku.

Ovaj ugovor uključuje sve dolje navedene uvjete.

  1. Cijene i uvjeti plaćanja

Najam charter plovila podrazumijeva preuzimanje i višednevno korištenje plovila s uslugom smještaja gostiju, s punim spremnikom goriva i cjelokupnom pripadajućom opremom plovila. U cijenu nije uključena dnevna boravišna pristojba članova posade, vezovi za luke i marine (osim prvog i posljednjeg dana ukrcaja/iskrcaja ), trošak goriva i ostali troškovi tokom najma.

Korisnik usluge je dužan platiti 50 % od ukupnog iznosa u roku od 7 dana nakon potvrde rezervacije, dok će preostalih 50 % biti isplaćeno najmanje 4 tjedna prije početka chartera. Uplate se vrše u gotovini (KN/EUR)), bankovnim nalogom ili kartičnim putem. Svi bankovni troškovi transfera su obveza uplatitelja. Korisnik charter usluge može preuzeti charter plovilo jedino pod uvjetom ako su izvršene sve potrebne uplate.

Plaćanje se može izvršiti izravno Charter tvrtki (dobavljaču), a pojedinosti će biti navedene u svakoj ponudi za iznajmljivanje broda.

  1. Obveze I odgovornosti Charter tvrtke (dobavljača)

Plovilo se predaje korisniku s punim rezervoarom vode i goriva, u ispravnom i čistom stanju, legalno za obavljanje charter djelatnosti i potpuno osigurano.

Charter tvrtka je obvezna predati plovilo iza 17:00 h , te izvršiti službenu primopredaju plovila klijentu po check listi. Ukoliko je pružatelj usluge iz bilo kojeg razloga spriječen i nije u stanju izvršiti navedenu obvezu prema korisniku na ugovorenom mjestu i u ugovorenom roku, obavezan je isporučiti klijentu sličan ili bolji brod kao zamjenu.

U slučaju bilo kakvih tehničkih problema tijekom putovanja koji su uzrokovani nesavršenošću broda, Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) je dužna riješiti problem u roku od 24 sata od trenutka primanja informacije od strane korisnika. Također, ako korisnik prijavi ozbiljan tehnički problem, bez obzira na uzrok problema, po potrebi, Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) će poduzeti tehničku intervenciju na moru. 

4. Postupak primopredaje plovila

Postupak primopredaje plovila je službeni čin uručenja plovila korisniku, ili vraćanja plovila charter tvrtki nakon najma. Ne provodi se kasno uvečer, tijekom kasnog zalaska sunca ili noću, zbog loše vidljivosti, nedostatka ronilaca, radnog vremena recepcije, itd…

  • VRIJEME PRIJEMA PLOVILA (CHECK-IN): Subota od 17:00 h (ako nije drugačije dogovoreno).

Preporuka je ispoštovati vrijeme primopredaje kako je napisano u Charter ugovoru, zbog omogućavanja charteru potrebnog vremena za održavanje i čišćenje jahte. Za vrijeme primopredaje/check-in procedure, korisnik je dužan temeljito pregledati plovilo i prijaviti bilo kakve uočene manjkavosti, oštećenja ili nedostajuću opremu na brodu. Kada korisnik potpiše „check listu“, smatra se da je u potpunosti zadovoljan i informiran o tehničkim i inventarskim karakteristikama zaprimljenog plovila.

  • VRIJEME POVRATA PLOVILA (CHECK-OUT): Subota do 09:00 h ujutro (svi gosti do tada moraju biti izvan broda).

Korisnik bi trebao vratiti brod u charter bazu najkasnije u petak poslijepodne u 17:00 h (ako nije dogovoreno drugačije). Plovilo mora biti vraćeno Charter tvrtki (dobavljaču) u istom plovnom, funkcionalnom i inventarnom stanju u kakvom je preuzeto. Svi gubici ili štete koje prouzroči korisnik naplatit će se izravno na recepciji ili skidanjem iznosa sa sigurnosnog pologa.

Ukoliko korisnik zakasni s vraćanjem plovila ili ga vrati na drugo mjesto, kazna će se naplaćivati iz sigurnosnog pologa u sljedećem omjeru: -do 3 sata kašnjenja, penal je iznos ½ dnevne usluge smještaja, -3 do 5h kašnjenja, penal je 1 cjelodnevna cijena smještaja, -za više od 5h kašnjenja, kompanija prijavljuje nestanak plovila policiji i SAR, a kazna ovisi o uzrokovanoj šteti i povezanim troškovima.


5.Sigurnosni depozit

Polog sigurnosnog depozita (od strane korisnika) standardni je postupak prilikom iznajmljivanja broda. Korisnik mora položiti depozit u gotovini ili kreditnom karticom prije preuzimanja broda.

Depozit će se koristiti samo za pokrivanje troškova štete koju su korisnici uzrokovali oštećenjem broda ili njegove opreme tijekom razdoblja najma, ili gubitka opreme, ili izbjegavanja ugovorenih obveza (vraćen prazan spremnik goriva, blokirani wc, …), ili ako klijent ima zakašnjenje u vraćanju broda. Ako se dogodi veća šteta na brodu, viši trošak od iznosa sigurnosnog pologa, klijent mora prijaviti štetu lučkom kapetanu i osiguravajućem društvu u roku od 12 sati (zakonska obveza), potom će se šteta rješavati proceduralnim putem.

Depozit se ne može vratiti klijentu u petak navečer ako klijent planira prenoćiti na brodu i napustiti brod rano sljedećeg jutra prije radnog vremena (prije 08:00 h u subotu). U ovom slučaju Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) zadržava depozit i otkazuje ga ujutro nakon što utvrdi da je na brodu sve u redu. Ako se tijekom provjere plovila ne otkrije nikakva šteta, Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) šalje kopiju uništenog depozita klijentu putem e-mail ili faksa kao dokaz.


Plovilo je osigurano za štete protiv trećih osoba.

U slučaju velikih šteta ili nezgoda potrebno je odmah (u roku od 12 sati) prijaviti događaj pomorskim vlastima (lučka kapetanija ili policija (to je zakonska obveza)), kao i charter bazi, u protivnom osiguravajuće društvo neće priznati predmetni slučaj, u skladu s pravilima police osiguranja.

U slučaju manjih oštećenja (do visine iznosa sigurnosnog depozita) – kada su predmeti ili oprema broda oštećeni ili izgubljeni zbog nemara, troškove snosi klijent na licu mjesta.

Oštećenja na vanbrodskom motoru i gumenjaku nisu osigurana, pa šteta uzrokovana nepažnjom korisnika ide na teret korisniku. Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) nije odgovorna za gubitak/štetu privatnih stvari od skipera i posade.

  1. Otkazivanje

Ukoliko korisnik iz bilo kojeg razloga ne može iskoristiti plaćenu uslugu smještaja na plovilu, slobodan je pronaći osobu koja preuzima njegova prava i obveze, uz prethodni pristanak pružatelja usluge. Ukoliko ne pronađe zamjenu i klijent otkazuje najam, pružatelj usluge zadržava:

 – 30% iznosa uplate za usluge smještaja na plovilu za odustajanje unutar 120 dana (4 mjeseca) prije početka korištenja usluge,

 – 50% iznosa uplate za usluge smještaja na plovilu za odustajanje unutar 60 dana (2 mjeseca) prije početka korištenja usluge,

 – 100% iznosa uplate za usluge smještaja na plovilu za odustajanje unutar 30 dana (1 mjesec) prije početka korištenja usluge.

Niti T&T Travel Boutique niti charter tvrtka (dobavljač) ne preuzimaju odgovornost u slučaju promjena situacije na tržištu i nemogućnosti isporuke uplaćenih usluga zbog više sile (rat, nemiri, štrajkovi, teroristički akti, sanitarni uvjeti, prirodne katastrofe, intervencije nadležnih vlasti itd.) i gost nema pravo na povrat.

  1. Politika privatnosti

Možete pročitati našu politiku privatnosti na www.croatiatravelboutique, kao dio ovih općih uvjeta najma.

  1. GDPR privatnosti

Opći propisi o zaštiti podataka Opći uvjeti korištenja osobnih podataka možete pročitati na www.croatiatravelboutique.com / kao dio ovih općih uvjeta najma.

  1. Prigovori

U obzir se uzimaju prigovori klijenta u pisanom obliku samo ako se dostave Charter tvrtki (dobavljaču) 14 dana nakon iskrcaja klijenta. Ako klijent uloži pritužbu u trenutku odjave, prigovor se uzima u obzir samo u pisanom obliku.

Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) je dužna poslati odgovor za svaki pristigli prigovor. Sva oštećenja koja se dogode na brodu, bez obzira na uzrok, moraju se odmah prijaviti Charter tvrtki. Ako Charter tvrtka (dobavljač) popravi oštećenja u roku od 24 sata, klijent nema pravo na obeštećenje. Također, neće biti obeštećenja ako je problem nastao zbog pogrešnog rukovanja plovilom od strane klijenta, i nepoznavanja karakteristika plovila. Od klijenta se očekuje da surađuje i bude koristan u organizaciji i izvršavanju popravka kvarova na brodu u zajedničkom interesu. Ometanje ili nedostatak suradnje smanjuje brzinu i kvalitetu rješavanja problema. Nepoznavanje područja jedrenja, vremenski uvjeti, karakteristike iznajmljenog broda ili nedovoljna sposobnost upravljanja plovilom na pravilan način, kao i loše vrijeme i nerealna očekivanja nisu predmet prigovora.

11. Nadležnost

U slučaju spora oko nesuglasica, tražit će se mirno rješenje. Ako to nije moguće, nadležan je sud u Splitu.